The life insurance industry has several hundred life insurance companies, many of which specialize in insuring certain types of risk, including high risk applicants.

A declination from one life insurance company may not mean you will definitely be declined by another life insurance company.

After a declination for life insurance, you may still want to continue shopping for life insurance from other life insurance companies that specialize in insuring impaired risk applicants, or people who may be considered a high risk or uninsurable due to their age, health, occupation, or hobbies.

If after contacting a life insurance broker who specializes in high risk life insurance, you are still unable to qualify for coverage, you may want to consider purchasing a guaranteed issue life insurance plan.

This type of life insurance policy provides low limits of life insurance coverage at high rates, but there is no medical exam required. Depending on how long you are insured, you may end up paying more in premiums than the death benefit provided by the guaranteed life insurance policy.